General Precautions

There are some safety issues that should be considered before/while taking the exams.

Always inform the technician if you have allergies, are taking medications, had any recent surgeries, or if you are pregnant.

Some studies may require additional preparations that are not listed below.

MRI Preparation

Do not wear any clothing with metal zippers or metal buttons.

Hearing aids and removable dentures must be removed during the exam.

Do not wear any necklaces, earrings, hair pins, fake eyelashes, or jewelry of any kind.

Patients with implanted pacemakers or other medical devices, or eyes with metals inside, may not be able to take an MRI test.

Patients taking a study with contrast must bring renal function blood test results.

Please be aware that some insurance plans require precertification for MRI studies.

Ultrasound Preparation

Do not eat or drink anything except for water 6-8 hours before taking an ultrasound of the abdomen.

Patients taking a urinary bladder or pelvis exam must drink at least 2 cups of water 1 hour before the exam.

Mammography Preparation

Do not use perfumes, deodorant, or scented lotions on the day of the exam.